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Some of the companies that use H & R Resources Software :

User Program Url
Howden Australia Fansel (centrifugal fan selection program)
Howden Australia Howden Power Quotes  
Aerovent Australia Centrix
Aerovent Australia Silencer  
Sinconair Centrix
Sinconair Silencer  
Sinconair H & R Axial  
Sinconair Beltguard Designer  
Flaktwoods Australia Centrix
Greenmount Fans Centrix
Fanzone Fanzone Select (axial selection and database program)
Focus Engineering Co. Ltd. Centrix
International Fans Australia Fan Quote Database  
International Fans Australia Silencer  
Ipsco New Zealand Silencer
Ipsco New Zealand Beltguard Designer  
Airgasco Pty Ltd Silencer  
ABC Fans Silencer  
Collair Silencer  
Phoenix Blower (Malaysia) Centrifugal Fan Selection programs  
Van pellicom Silencer 
ACP PaperBase
Aireng Pty Ltd Centrix
MARC Environmental Silencer
MARC Environmental Belt Guard Designer  
MARC Environmental Centrix  
Kleenair Systems Pvt. Ltd. India Centrix
Fans Direct Pty Ltd Chicago Select (customised fan selection software)
Fans Direct Pty Ltd (Chicago Blower Fans) Centrix  
JTK Power Oy. Finland Silencer
AB Fan Services Ltd. UK Centrix
Airex Industries Canada. Silencer
Mech-Elec Ireland. Silencer
SGN Air Systems India. Centrix  
Cat Duct Qatar. Silencer  
United Air Tech Industries India. Centrix
Woodcock and Wilson Ltd UK. Centrix