Centrix Tutorials

View these tutorials to help you with using Centrix. Each *.wmv file is 3 to 5 minutes long.

1) Centrix Input Screen Version 390.55 and higher
Elements of the Centrix Input Screen.

2) Selecting Accessories and Fan Type
Selecting Accessories and the Fan type required Screen.

3) Maximum and Range Pressures
Covers the effects of maximum and range pressures on the fan selection.

4) Fixed Speed Selections
How to find the best fixed speed selections and Plus Q effects.

5) Using the Fix Percentage Width options
Change the selection point for any speed selections by using the Fix % Width option.

6) Manual Design Option
Use the manual design option to select speeds or design a defined fan size at a known speed.

7) Create a New Motor entry in the database (0.6mb).
Copy an existing motor and create a new one from it.

8) Positioning the inspection door (0.4mb).
Note that if more than one inspection door is added Centrix will only remember the last one.

9) Positioning the Casing Splits (0.4mb).
Changing the default casing split location.

10) Casing Dimensions and CAD operations:

Centrix has many CAD tools built in. These are similar to Autocad commands.

The Casing Cutting Profile is intended for use with Plasma or Laser cutters. These machines usually have nesting software that can import Autocad dwg or dxf files. The cutting profile can be saved for use by such software.
Note that there is a menu item called 'Profile Only' which, when clicked will remove dimensions, borders and text.

The following four tutorials are self running executables.
Please save them to your PC and run them from there. Make sure that you have sound turned on.

10.1) Scroll Options (3mb)

10.2) Extract Dimensions (4mb)

10.3) Copy and Paste (5mb)

10.4) Tidy Up (5mb)

11) Fabricated Hub Design
How to design a fabricated hub mounted on the motor shaft.

12) Bolted Fabricated Hub Designer
How to design a bolted fabricated hub using the designer.